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Dr. Nikki Franklin has been working professionally as a musician for over 25 years in a career that has embraced performance, composition and education in equal measure. 

As a composer, Franklin is constantly creating new music and holds a PhD in composition with a focus on the incorporation of groove and improvisation. She also works with a wide array of vocalists and other musicians and ensembles to create compositions and arrangements covering a diverse range of styles and settings.

Franklin's 'Ecstasies' ensemble established in 2019, is a fully improvised quartet, with poet, tap dance, accordion and vocals.

Franklin's work composing for and performing with the Spike Orchestra included the creation of 'Cerberus', Masada Book Two, Book of Angels Vol.26 with composer John Zorn on Tzadik Records (2014). 

Click Here to Purchase Cerberus

Currently working for Trinity College London as an examiner for the Trinity Rock syllabus and as the Rock & Pop Keyboard consultant, Franklin travels extensively in this capacity.

She runs a private teaching practice for piano and vocal coaching and individual or group sessions in composition and arranging, based in Surrey.

Following many years working with the London Vocal Project, Franklin now runs her own choirs and works as an arranger for several vocal ensembles. She has an ongoing collaboration with Italian vocal artist Albert Hera, exploring Circlesongs, vocal improvisation and composition. Franklin is a faculty member of CircleLand Italy. 

2019 Circleland Trailer




"Franklin’s vocals are emotive, raspy, growly and ethereally beautiful, reminiscence of Nina Hagen in places but somehow not, very much Franklin."

Review of 'Ghetto', Sammy Stein, Jazz in Europe. June 2015

Feedback From David H, piano student

Rating: 5/5

Comments: I have returned to playing the piano after a break of around 30 years and have just finished my first term with Nikki. I can say without hestitation that she is the best music teacher I have ever encountered. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons, in fact they seem to go by very fast. However at all times the lessons are stretching with a strong emphasis on getting fundamentals right and not letting bad habits develop. She has even got me writing music.

"Sam Eastmond and Nikki Franklin have done an incredibly tight arrangement job here, almost every piece is a bewildering mosaic of melody and atmosphere, propelled by pacey rhythm and counter rhythms." Phil Barnes

**** All About Jazz review 'Cerberus' Dec 2015

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