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Franklin Music

Composition Competition

To celebrate our move to the new music studio, I am launching a call for scores that creatively represent the new space!




The piece needs to represent the new music studio in a literal or abstract way.

The winning composition will need to be musically engaging whilst also creatively capturing the studio in a meaningful manner.

There will be 2 categories:

  1. Beginner to Intermediate (approx. below Grade 3)

  2. Advanced (approx. above Grade 3)


Instrumentation is free choice – any solo instrument or ensemble but think about performance opportunities and please limit ensembles to a maximum of 4 instruments.


Scores must be provided – these can be fully notated either by hand or using notation software or can be in the form of a lead sheet, and for songs, please also provide lyrics.


If a performance of the composition is available, please submit as mp3 recording


A summary of approximately 250 words must accompany the submission, explaining the connection to the Franklin Music Studio and outlining some of the musical techniques employed.


Compositions must be submitted without the composer’s name – please use only your postcode and birth DAY as a reference. For example, Nikki would be RH16HE_03 (as I was born on 3rd February) – this facilitates multiple compositions from a single household.

Please register your interest via email to if you are intending to submit a piece.


Deadline for scores:
Saturday 30th September 2023

The winners will be announced at the Franklin Music concert on 18th November. If you cannot be in attendance, please let me know in advance.


Please note:


  • You may enter as a collaboration and split any prize amongst yourselves! If you are looking for a writing partner, particularly if you have someone in mind, but do not have their contact details, please ask me and I will put you in touch.

  • Students leaving at the end of this academic year to head to uni or other pastures are welcome to enter


There will be 3 prizes.

1st prize £50 Amazon Gift Voucher

Awarded to the most creative response to the brief and can be from either category

2 further prizes each of £10 Amazon Gift Voucher

One from each category, a) Beginner to Intermediate and b) Advanced



The compositions will be sent to Paul Fawcus, a renowned British composer, performer and educator based in Norway, who has kindly offered to give his services in judging the pieces.


Paul Fawcus Biography - 2023

Now based in the West of Norway, multiple instrumentalist and producer Paul Fawcus is very happy to support Franklin Music.

playing credits include :-
Bergen Big Band, Opera Bergen, DNS, Paul Fawcus Trio, Quartet & Quintet, Syd Lawrence orchestra, Will Todd Ensemble and many international musicals.

Recording and featured soloist credits include: Marius Neset & Bergen Big Band, Will Todd, Keith Mansfield, Juan Martin, Cilla Black & David Cassidy

Paul’s company supplies recording and sound design services to UiB Aula, Bergen Big Band, Jazzpotet and Swing & sweet Jazzclubs, BBC Big Band, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a producer he has created music for Weetabix & FIFA and is currently writing and producing for Cultured Noise supplying music to the film and TV industry.

Here are a few ideas:


You could choose to write something for the new Yamaha piano or represent in some way the stairs to the studio or the garden.



Have you seen the miniature London Clocks door handles on the cupboards?

What about the view through the windows, from inside or outside?


Site Specific:

Are there any interesting historical facts about Earlswood you could use as a starting point?

Perhaps the Number 8 could be a useful reference…



How does the new space make you feel?


Nikki will be available to assist you with technical (harmony, grammar, getting ‘un-stuck’) support, but the ideas must come from yourselves.

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